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CELLULITE:  Going, Going Gone

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Private Consultations include:  pH testing, Weight Assessment, Blood Pressure, & Complete “Body Reading” including:  Iridology Session, Tongue & Fingernail Analysis, Pulses, Foot Reflexology Reading, & Educational Materials.

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ABOUT Rev. "Doc Di"

Naturopath, Rev.”Doc Di”   (Reverend Dr. Diane Gioia-Bargonetti) runs  a socially-conscious health ministry called the HolisticHealth Information Movement.  HHIM’s  mission statement is to serve people by teaching them all about holistic health practitioners, principles, options, and  benefits.  The HolisticHealth Information Movement operates under the auspices of The LifeSpirit Congregational Church (a 501(c)3, a Group Exempt, incorporated Religious Entity). Reverend “Doc Di” officiates at non-denominational and cross-cultural marriage ceremonies throughout the United States, and is a Marriage Officiant for the City of New York, as well.  Together with her husband, professional guitarist, Steve Bargonetti, her ministry offers Marriage & Music Services.  If interested, please inquire at 917-566-5279.

Reverend  “Doc Di” Bargonetti is an Emmy-Nominated Television Producer who became a Naturopath (ND), Certified Traditional Naturopathy (CTN) after she was diagnosed with virulent melanoma cancer and given one year to live (over 30 years ago) by the conventional medical community. She has been a certified Naturopath for over 13 years.   

"Dr Di"  is a COPR Associate (Commission of Public Representatives) at the NIH (National Institutes of Health).  She and her husband founded and funded THE LIQUID CHLORPHYLL PROGRAM for the firefighters, police, and volunteers suffering from the Ground Zero Cough Syndrome after 9/11.